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Most magnificent mandoo New York 2006 - Shinpo Korean

It shines like a beacon as you round the corner on Northern Boulevard: Shinpo Korean. And the slogan on the menu invites, "Come and taste original hand made man doo." Mandoo, of course, are the pork-filled dumplings that correspond to Japanese gyoza and Chinese pot stickers. At Shinpo, they've figured out how to make a series of entrées out of these sometime snacks. Deep fried and pinwheeled around a spicy shredded salad, they're called twigim bibim man doo; paired with rice cake in a vegetable-laden beef soup they're known as duk man doo gook; pooled with a smidgen of anchovy broth containing shrimp and a boiled egg it's twi kim mandoo woo dong. The possibilities are endless.
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