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Most vivacious veranda New York 2006 - Garden Bay - CLOSED

Garden Bay

Garden Bay

1788 Sheepshead Bay Road

Brooklyn, NY 11235


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Sheepshead Bay is a mixed bag when it comes to eateries. Apart from the sainted Randazzo's and a Turkish spot or two, the food is uneven. One of your best all-around choices is Garden Bay, one of Gotham's few Armenian cafés (Armenians are more prone to open grocery stores). The twin lures are the kebabs grilling over lump charcoal right in the window—in order of desirability: baby lamb chops, the thick pork chop, and the skin-blackened trout—and a rear garden that makes you feel like you're somewhere in the Caucuses, instead of near the concrete bathtub of Sheepshead Bay.
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