People & Places

  • Steve Allen

    Shopping & Primping

    New Yorker for 40 years What do you think makes your store unique and a perennial favorite of downtown New Yorkers? I don't chase after trends, I look for things that are special and designed with integrity. I follow designers I am interested in and… More >>
  • Ducky Doolittle

    Sports & Sex

    New Yorker Since 1988 Do you have a favorite neighborhood? I'll always love the Lower East Side. That's where I first came to in the city. Everything's changed. I was one of the squatters down there in the '80s. … More >>
  • Famous Fat Dave


    New Yorker Since 1997 Where do you live? In the West Village. I share a tiny place with my girlfriend. I'm pretty sure I'm the only cab driver who lives in this neighborhood. I love it, though. I'm looking at Murray's Cheese and… More >>
  • Eleanor and Matt Friedberger

    Arts & Entertainment

    New Yorkers Since 2000 Where do you currently live? Eleanor: Greenpoint. Matt: Prospect—Lefferts Garden, just south of the (Brooklyn) Botanic Garden. When you're not on tour, how do you like to unwind in the… More >>
  • Jimmy Glenn

    Bars & Clubs

    New Yorker for 66 years Jimmy's is one of the cheapest places to drink in Times Square. What's your happy hour? There's not one. It's always happy. The drinks are so cheap already: $3, $4. Some drinks you can't charge $3 for—like Johnny… More >>
  • Ricky Kenig

    Shopping & Primping

    New Yorker since 1980 Where do you live? Tribeca. [But] I'm moving to Park Slope. What are some of your favorite products that Ricky's carries? Mostly the private-label line… More >>
  • Paul Kermizian

    Bars & Clubs

    New Yorker Since 1998 Are you from New York originally? No, New Jersey—I'm from the "New York area." When did you move here? The end of 1998. I've… More >>
  • John Lee and Vernon Chatman

    Arts & Entertainment

    New Yorkers for Over 10 Years Where do you live? Vernon: [Gives his address in the East Village.] John: Hey, doesn't your buzzer say 5C on it? Vernon: Yeah, you might have to… More >>
  • Christine Quinn

    People & Places

    New Yorker since 1989 You live in Chelsea. Any favorite places around there? Well, one of my favorite places is the Moonstruck Diner and then, of course, Billy's cupcakes and then the Empire Diner's great because you can take your dogs outside. … More >>
  • Charlie Sahadi


    New Yorker Since Birth How have you seen Downtown Brooklyn change over all these years? It's changed many times. In the '70s, Atlantic Antic [an annual street fair on Atlantic Avenue, started in 1974 to promote neighborhood businesses] was behind the rebirth of Downtown Brooklyn,… More >>
  • Julia Solis

    People & Places

    New Yorker Since 1994 Do you have a favorite neighborhood? I was afraid you were going to ask me that question. You mean to live in or to wander through? Both. … More >>
  • A Whole New World

    The Middle East has always played a major role in my fantasies. Anytime I needed to escape the harsh realities of life I'd open my Aladdin storybook and dream about the two of us rockin' his magic carpet, over the Arabian Desert, across the Dead Sea, and into Bethlehem. There's something metrosexy and liberating about a cartoon dude sporting open-toe… More >>
  • Best activist organization on two wheels

    Time's Up

    Sometimes you can gauge a gadfly's success by the backlash it creates. Drivers don't much care for members of Time's Up, especially when they're stuck behind the wheel as phalanxes of bicyclists cruise by during Critical Mass rallies (the last Friday of every month). Police don't much care for them either (remember that most traffic cops drive all day), and… More >>
  • Best reason to lock up your children and armor-plate your bike helmet

    Black Label Bike Club

    The Black Label Bike Club constructs weird and wonderful post-apocalyptic two-wheeled conveyances—double-decker tall bikes, double-length choppers, squirrelly trick bikes, tricked-out rat trikes, flame-throwing rocket bikes—out of discarded bits and pieces, but Black Label is about more than just riding and wrenching. It's about family . . . and you're not part of it, even if you ride a fixed-gear bike… More >>
  • Best spot to watch nervous mobsters and their lawyers eat club sandwiches

    Park Plaza Diner

    If mob watchers were ornithologists, they'd flock daily to Brooklyn's Park Plaza Diner on Cadman Plaza West. This sprawling piece of Queens Boulevard transported to Brooklyn Heights is the morning meeting place for indictees and their attorneys. Breakfast is followed by a ritual stroll across the park to the federal courthouse, where their fate awaits them. The Park Plaza is… More >>
  • Best attorney who gets publicity while bungling the case

    Eddie Hayes and Bruce Culter

    It's a tie: Eddie Hayes and Bruce Culter, barristers for the so-called "Mafia cops" Stephen Caracappa and Louis Eppolito. In June, two months after the former cops were convicted on racketeering charges connected to a slew of contract murders they reputedly carried out for the mob, the men filed a motion for a mistrial, not on the grounds that there… More >>
  • Best power-to-the-people movement

    Movement for Justice in El Barrio

    Few activist groups have the revolutionary, power-to-the-people feel of Movement for Justice in El Barrio. The 235-strong immigrant organization was formed in East Harlem back in December 2004, reaching out to the mainly Mexican immigrants in the neighborhood. In the years since, it has taken on residents' number one social-justice issue: housing. The movement has gone after about a… More >>
  • Best reform in a city of skells

    New York City Campaign Finance Board

    The good-government achievement of our time, still a model across America, is the New York City Campaign Finance Board. In its 18th year, it hands out millions in public subsidies to candidates for every city office and, in exchange, enforces tough contribution and expenditure limits. It has been so independent that it has leveled crushing fines on the campaigns of… More >>
  • Best Greenwich Village Defender

    Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation

    It's been a big year in the push to preserve the Village, thanks largely to the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation. The group's vigilant director, Andrew Berman, has exhibited a knack for stopping "out of context" buildings from sprouting up on quaint, historic streets, despite the red-hot development pressures. He and his colleagues have become a thorn in the… More >>
  • Best tiny tyrant

    Mary Brosnahan

    Huffing and puffing, Mayor Mike tried to blow the Homeless House down recently, railing about how he was standing up to "the tyranny" of homeless "advocates" he refused to identify by name. Maybe he thought that by just describing them as being unwilling "to admit that we're ever making progress" everyone would know he was talking about five-foot-two giant Mary… More >>
  • Best New York City flaneur

    Ben Katchor

    Newspaper cartoonist Ben Katchor makes it all up, but his ongoing comic strips, which are published these days in the weekly Forward, and his graphic novel The Jew of New York, set in the 1830s, are detailed evocations of a city that no longer exists. (You'd need to go back to Berenice Abbott's WPA photographs to see anything like it.)… More >>
  • Best reason to miss the N train

    Saw Lady

    When you're stuck on a subway platform listening to some 22-year-old recent college grad (who probably grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut) abusing a guitar and trying to sing like Bob Dylan, you almost consider walking home. But when you're lucky enough to catch Natalia Paruz, a/k/a the Saw Lady, a gross-smelling Union Square station suddenly becomes more appealing than your… More >>
  • Best emerging Web empire

    Jon Brownstoner

    For all you suckers who think you have to ditch your responsibilities and move to a monk's cell in order to realize your dreams, consider the case of "Jon Brownstoner." The lonely force behind Brownstoner Media has started four websites since October 2004, two of them indispensable to Brooklyn. Meanwhile, he's been holding down a job in the canyons… More >>
  • Best purveyor of carcinogenic materials


    Despite Mike Bloomberg's moral crusade against cigarettes, it's impossible to stop smoking as long as a friendly fellow we'll just call Ram peddles his wares on 34th Street. No matter how infrequently we smokers sidle up to his kiosk near Penn Station—I mean, why buy smokes in Manhattan when you can spend a lot less on Long Island—Ram knows your… More >>
  • Best retirement

    Judy Miller

    When your own newspaper's star columnist calls you—a colleague—a "woman of mass destruction," you might as well leave. Unfortunately, it was too late. By the time Judy Miller was finally unembedded from The New York Times in November 2005, even the Bush regime had stopped looking for the WMDs that she had brayed about in the run-up to the 2003… More >>
  • Best thing to happen to New York's anti-war movement

    Granny Peace Brigade

    That would have to be the Granny Peace Brigade, the 18 anti-war grandmothers who were arrested and jailed for trying to enlist at the Times Square Recruitment Office back in October 2005. Charged with disorderly conduct, the grannies spent five days at Manhattan Criminal Court on trial last April—and were acquitted. These "old dames," as they like to call themselves,… More >>
  • Best human rights watchers

    Human Rights Watch

    Amnesty International has the name and reputation, but Human Rights Watch pours out more vital information from its Fifth Avenue offices than any other major watchdog keeping an eye on us humans. What we like most is HRW's ability to call 'em as it sees 'em. Take executive director Kenneth Roth, a former federal prosecutor. Roth's dad escaped from Nazi… More >>
  • Best document freaks

    John Young and Deborah Natsios

    Hey, you can't stop the government from spying on us, so you might as well spy on the government. For that, you need cryptome .org, just about the greatest locally produced website of documents and photos. John Young and Deborah Natsios, partners in architecture and information gathering, run Cryptome and its affiliate sites out of an Upper West Side apartment.… More >>
  • Best city lobbyist

    Gene Russianoff

    Lobbying is a bigger business than ever in New York's City Hall, with $36 million spent last year—more than double the amount doled out just five years ago. The reason for this unsightly splurge is that everyone from Time Warner to World Wrestling Entertainment is seeking some little edge or favor in city legislation or contracting and needs to get… More >>
  • Best surrogate aunt

    Elspeth Treadwell

    Homesick for the little village where you grew up and relatives who can help you feel better no matter what crisis looms? Elspeth Treadwell runs Podunk, a tearoom flooded with light on one of the prettiest streets in the East Village. This native of Minnesota listens, clucks sympathetically, fixes you tea and calorific snacks, and tends a space soothing in… More >>
  • Best chance to hook up with Santa


    Remember as a child sitting on Santa's lap and rattling off your Christmas list in his ear? As an adult, you can still partake in this holiday ritual and even take Kris Kringle back to your apartment if the mood strikes. It happens every year at Santacon, a mass gathering of folks dressed in cheap Santa suits who troll the… More >>
  • Best reason to become a gearhead again

    Rumblers Car Club

    Founded by Agnostic Front's Roger Miret, theRumblers Car Club has a bare-knuckled approach to hot rods that separates it from other car clubs. Rumblers don't trailer their precious cars; they drive the shit out of them. And while the focus is pre-'64 vehicles, no one is very interested in stock. Each car is modified to meet the needs of its… More >>
  • Best subway portraitist


    Orin is a kind of subway performer, but instead of singing or playing an accordion, he draws. That might not sound so entertaining, but when you have your portrait done on the sly and then presented to you with no real pressure to tip, you'll feel pretty special. Every morning, the baby-faced portraitist gets up and makes a T-shirt to… More >>
  • Best rookie overachiever

    Peter Gelb

    The Metropolitan Opera may not yet be ready to shake off its reputation as the stodgiest institution in the stodgiest of arts. But in an age of budget cutbacks and declining attendance, freshman general manager Peter Gelb has tapped the Met's considerable resources (it's the world's largest performing-arts organization) to fund a slate of bold new projects he hopes will… More >>
  • Best Fabio tribute


    Matt Murphy—the genius performer who hits the streets dressed up as a half-penguin/half-chicken character named Chengwin—has dreamed up many a lovely chicken mutant over the years. There is the nefarious Chunk, half chicken/half skunk; the bewitching Chove, half chicken/half dove. There is even the brilliantly inspired Chixon: half chicken, half President Nixon. Our favorite, however, will always be the half-chicken/half-Fabio… More >>
  • Best keyboard exporter to a supposed rogue nation

    Benjamin Treuhaft

    Though the Treasury Department claims he owes them a fine of $10,000 for "trading with the enemy," Benjamin Treuhaft prefers to think of his crime as "tuning with the enemy." It's been 13 years since he started shipping pianos to Cuba. It's not as if he's mildly pursing his mission—he's actually sent food receipts from his trips to the U.S.… More >>
  • Best original punk rocker

    Jimmy Webb

    Trash & Vaudeville's Jimmy Webb is a St. Marks Place institution. Webb, the manager and buyer of punk fashion palace Trash & Vaudeville is almost as iconic as the icons from that era. With shaggy bleached blond hair, leather pants (of course), and an eternally optimistic attitude, he makes friends easily. He's come a long way since arriving in the… More >>
  • Best route from Queens to the Williamsburg Bridge

    Own a car?

    Live downtown? Own a car? Hungry? You are not alone. Where best to eat? Queens, of course—specifically the pan-Asian paradise that is Broadway between Roosevelt Avenue and Queens Boulevard, right off the Broadway exit of the BQE, with the best spots beyond Elmhurst Hospital. For Malaysian there's Taste Good, 82-18 45th Avenue, and I've always wanted to try the Vietnamese… More >>
  • Best place to get a bumper for your 1984 Celica

    Willets Point

    Has your 1997 Ford Escort lost its pizzazz, or more specifically, its driver's-side mirror? You could call your dealership and get laughed at or you can take the Grand Central Parkway out to Northern Boulevard in Queens and enter the wonder world of Willets Point—a 75-acre unpaved industrial enclave that's home to dozens of tin-shack shops offering all the parts… More >>
  • Best disappointingly non-creepy cemetery

    New York City Marble Cemetery

    Some cemeteries' spookiness doesn't fade when the sun rises, even when the cheerful chirps of birds echo off moss-covered graves. This residual daytime creepiness is what one would expect when visiting the East Village's New York City Marble Cemetery during its once-a-month afternoon open houses. But if you're looking for a spine-chilling time, the place's lovingly tended green lawn and… More >>
  • Best little-known 9-11 memorial


    It didn't cost a billion dollars (or half a billion either), it didn't spawn wrenching criticism by family members of victims, and it's been open for almost two years already. It's also simple, moving, and serenely located on the pastoral waterfront lip of the north shore of Staten Island, overlooking New York harbor and the skyline where the twin towers… More >>
  • Best misuse of 9-11 money


    When the management consulting firm BearingPoint—a former division of KPMG—agreed to move 633 employees to 3 World Financial Center, it got a $2.4 million grant from the state- and city-run, federally funded Lower Manhattan Job Creation and Retention Program established in the wake of 9-11, plus $700,000 in additional tax breaks. Nothing unusual there—according to the subsidy-watch group Good Jobs… More >>
  • Best memorial to Jews who kicked ass

    Sheepshead Bay Holocaust Memorial

    Most Holocaust memorials stick to a simple script of Nazi aggression and Jewish victimhood. The Sheepshead Bay Holocaust Memorial, an array of stone tablets set on a leafy patch at the western end of the bay, tells a richer story. It casts the net of culpability wider than usual, indicting the Western countries that (with the notable exception of the… More >>
  • Best reason to remember the indigent dead

    Hart Island

    Most of the 60,000 people who die every year in New York City get a headstone or a mausoleum or have their ashes sprinkled somewhere. But some aren't so lucky, so every year around 1,000 of our neighbors who aren't identified or claimed or can't afford to go anywhere else are buried on Hart Island, a tiny bit… More >>
  • Best 300-year-old ladies on Staten Island

    Historic Richmond Town

    It's hard these days to find someone who can craft baskets or make soap by firelight—unless you're at Historic Richmond Town, where, depending on which aged house you enter, you might meet a lass trapped in time anywhere from 1690 to the early days of the 20th century. For other-borough residents who tend to scoff at the Isle of Staten… More >>
  • Best place to dig for the past (and live it there)

    Plumb Island

    During the late 1800s, Plumb Island was occupied by homesteaders who found New York City somewhat inhospitable. Because the island was outside municipal jurisdiction, alcohol and tobacco were tax free, boxing and whoring were legal, moral turpitude ran rampant, and soon, the shantytown became a favored destination for thrill seekers from across the water. In 1907 the Army was sent… More >>
  • Best place to be awed by the metropolis

    Queens Museum of Art

    There's nothing quite like the feeling of finding your own building in the 9,335-square-foot Panorama of the City of New York at the Queens Museum of Art, an appropriately dazzling scale model of the greatest city in the world. Locating your high-rise or brownstone from among the model's 895,000 buildings—every single New York City structure built before 1992—testifies to one's… More >>
  • Best comeback by a huge geometric shape

    The Return of the Astor Place cube

    If you thought there was something missing from the East Village last summer, you weren't just imagining it. In March '05, the parks department removed the 15-foot steel art installation called the Alamo from its perch just south of Astor Place's Lexington line subway stop to have it restored. New Yorkers soon wondered, "Where else are we going to find… More >>
  • Best lesser-known Chinatown

    Brooklyn's Chinatown

    Sure, Manhattan's Chinatown may seem like the next best thing to experiencing a Shanghai marketplace firsthand. But it's not the only game in town. In fact, Brooklyn's Chinatown spans nearly 20 bustling blocks on Eighth Avenue in Sunset Park, making it one of the biggest concentrations of Chinese establishments in the metropolitan area. The neighborhood kicks off with a bang… More >>
  • Best comeback of a Brooklyn landmark

    YWCA on Atlantic Avenue

    Resurrected like the Mets this year was a Brooklyn landmark, the YWCA on Atlantic Avenue, just off Flatbush, a borough symbol for decades. It was so broke, weighed down by years of debt, that this home for 214 women living in single-room-occupancy intimacy almost shut its doors. It's such a prime piece of real estate, a short distance away… More >>
  • Best vanished vestige of the old Lower East Side

    Roumanian-American Congregation Synagogue

    Back in January, the roof caved in at the 150-year-old Roumanian-American Congregation Synagogue on Rivington Street, one of the last vestiges of Ye Olde Yiddische Lower East Side, conveniently located a block from the trendy Hotel on Rivington and across the street from hipster vegan teahouse Teany. Initial reports suggested that the dwindling congregation planned to repair the damage, but… More >>
  • Best example of a building that never should have gone up

    Astor Place Tower

    OK, sure, we know, some people have more money than others, as Hemingway famously explained to F. Scott Fitzgerald when Scott insisted that the rich are different from you and me. But how can it be that the horrendous bilge-green glass Astor Place Tower, now looming over the Alamo cube and the subway entrance and the skateboarders like Godzilla at… More >>
  • Best place to get murdered, raped, or robbed in the city

    East New York, Brooklyn

    Where else but East New York, Brooklyn? The birthplace of Murder Inc., the neighborhood is perennially the city's leader in violent crimes. But this year, East New York's 75th Precinct is the early contender for a dubious grand slam, leading the city in all four violent-crime categories: murders, rapes, robberies, and felonious assaults. The five-square-mile swath on the Queens border… More >>
  • Best unexpected skyline view

    BQE between the Long Island Expressway interchange and the Kosciuszko Bridge

    Residents of Brooklyn and downtown Manhattan coming home from LaGuardia Airport will know the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway as that dreadful traffic-choked, potholed, serpentine thoroughfare they have to endure on their way to the bridge or the tunnel. The artery may seem like a bumpy welcome mat at the door to the concrete jungle, but there is a silver lining to this… More >>
  • Best bittersweet animal experience on wheels

    Animal Haven's Mobile Adoption Program

    At least when you go to the pound you can prepare yourself for the special combination of happy and sad feelings that will take over when you set eyes on whimpering puppies in cages and obese, depressed cats napping in their litter boxes. Animal Haven's Mobile Adoption Program's traveling orphanage—a van fitted with cages and big windows for … More >>
  • Best place to ogle firm young farm boys

    Union Square Greenmarket

    The city guy who perfects his broad chest and bulging arms by way of a membership at Crunch trades in, it might be argued, a tiny bit of manliness in the process. (There's something just a tad unappealing about a dude doing crunches in front of a mirror.) The Union Square Greenmarket gives New Yorkers back many things we've lost… More >>
  • Best museum to float on

    The Waterfront Museum

    If your Aunt Helen is visiting from Seattle again, and you're none too pleased over this prospect, since, after all, this is a woman who, upon her last visit to New York City, begged off going to the art museums, proclaiming, "Dalí makes me dizzy," have I got a place for you to take her this time. The Waterfront Museum… More >>
  • Best downtown East Side water walkway

    Cove park

    Stretching from (basically) 22nd Street to 18th Street and located under the FDR Drive is this scenic strolling cove park—one of the best places for a breezy, safe, picturesque waterfront walk or jog. Financed and created by Stuy Town (the massive apartment complex), the park gets its name from the lush greenery that lines the path—hedges, flowers, plants, landscaped gardens,… More >>
  • Best playground sprinkler

    Rockefeller Park playground in Battery Park City

    There are plenty of attractions that draw parents from all over the city to the Rockefeller Park playground in Battery Park City—the age-segregated climbing structures, the pedal-powered carousel, the big-enough-to-avoid-toddler-fights sand tables. But the most welcome feature during the summer is the vast water play area, which offers a dueling squirting hippo and elephant, while a line of dog's heads… More >>
  • Best reward for making less than $19,000 a year

    Family Planning Benefit Program

    To qualify for the Family Planning Benefit Program, go to Planned Parenthood with ID, proof of address, and a fistful of crumpled pay stubs. The entitlement counselor will take you into her office and figure out if you're poor enough. Usually you are. She doesn't mind; she is warm, chatty, and not easily surprised by stunted incomes. Once you're accepted—the… More >>
  • Best way to snag a seat at a fashion show

    Unbridled Enthusiasm

    Dying to watch anorexic teenagers sashay down a runway but despair of gaining admittance to a real fashion show? While it's true that shows have strict door policies, if you really, really want to attend one of these things, listen carefully: A few days before Fashion Week begins (it's twice a year, early September and February), go to… More >>
  • Best place to smoke a hookah with your mom


    You know your mom has it in her—a little remnant of party girl occasionally sneaks out—but she keeps herself under control for the most part. What you need to do is bring her to Mamlouk for dinner. Just tell her you heard they have great Middle Eastern food, which is true, but act surprised when the waiter asks if you… More >>
  • Best firehouse that might disappear

    Fire Patrol 2

    One of the oldest working firehouses in the city may be shut down on October 12, along with the two other houses of the New York City Fire Patrol. This state-chartered organization, founded in 1839, saves property during fires (estimates range from $10 million to $100 million worth a year), resets sprinklers afterward, and functions as a rescue crew during… More >>
  • Best aroma inside an ATM

    Bank of America ATM

    It doesn't take much to improve the banking experience. The Bank of America ATM next door to Beard Papa picks up the desserterie's gentle wafts of cream puff fillings through the wall throughout the day, giving the space a scent not unlike that of the Warm Vanilla Sugar products from Bath & Body Works. It doesn't quite justify the $7-a-month… More >>
  • Best place to get your veda on

    Ganapathi Temple

    On the site of a small wood-frame Russian Orthodox church, the Ganapathi Temple in Flushing, Queens, was the first Hindu temple built in North America. It was designed in strict accordance with the Agama Sastras (scriptures relating to temple building) and composed of imported materials created by artisans in India. As such, it looks entirely out of place in this… More >>
  • Best disaster-porn tourist spot

    Malbone Street wreck

    Historic though it may be, when it comes down to it, ground zero doesn't offer tourists much to see other than an ugly hole in the ground. Adventurous disaster junkies can get a more satisfying fix at the site of Brooklyn's Malbone Street wreck, the most deadly mass-transit accident in the nation's history. On November 1, 1918, in the midst… More >>
  • Best way to explore New York without putting on pants

    Since the day in 1999 when proprietor Kevin Walsh typed up his very first report on a former trolley barn in Woodside, the irreplaceable has been accumulating the Web's most fascinating collection of New York City historical detritus and neighborhood lore. Unlike most city historians, Walsh largely disdains the well-worked turf of Manhattan for the five boroughs' less explored… More >>
  • Best way to spy on your neighbor's real estate deals

    Property Shark

    Property Shark was begun in 2003 by a frustrated laid-off programmer turned Harlem landlord as a user-friendly front end to the city's property tax rolls. Since then, its feature-friendly site has become the Google of the real estate set, but it's also a great tool for amateur land-use sleuths, or just the nosy: That guy across the street annoying you?… More >>
  • Best home turned hot movie set

    Broken Angel Building

    Arthur Wood's house will never be featured on MTV's Cribs; from far away his humble abode (which he purchased for $2,000 in 1971) looks like a dilapidated piece of shit, and it isn't any better up close. The front windows of his beloved Broken Angel Building are either boarded up or cemented over, and there's a hole on the side… More >>
  • Best fuck-off to an oppressive public policy

    City's Infamous Black Market

    We've gotten used to the government using public policy to stomp out personal freedoms. But when Mayor Bloomberg decided to declare war on smokers and used the power vested in him and his money clip to force buttheads to quit, shit got outta hand real quick. Not being able to smoke in restaurants and the workplace is one thing—after all,… More >>
  • Best Hate-Spitting Morning Show

    Miss Jones Morning Show

    Hot 97 a/k/a Shot 97 prides itself on being the official home of hip-hop and r&b in the city, and that's probably true; the radio station has owned the heart of the hip-hop generation for over two decades. But the way things are going these days, the station might want to consider embracing its status as the official home of… More >>
  • Best local media show

    In the Papers

    Nice work if you can get it: At around 9:40 every weekday morning, one of the NY1 anchors will spend 10 minutes summarizing a few stories from the Daily News, the Post, Newsday, and the Times. Visually, the show eschews glitzy graphics in favor of . . . holding the paper up to the camera. Better yet, it's the host… More >>
  • Best (only) reason to go to church

    Bach at Noon

    Being raised in a born-again Christian household left a bad taste in my mouth: One Good Friday, when I was 10 years old, my mother forced a heaping tablespoonful of horseradish down my throat, just to make sure I'd never forget how much Christ had suffered for me. There were other "lessons" too. Anyway, once I turned 18 and my… More >>
  • Best reason to go to Central Park

    Central Park Dance Skaters Association Skate Circle

    Sure, the zoo isn't too bad, Sheep Meadow is a nice place to stretch out, and mimes can be funny for a minute or two, but the best reason to go to Central Park is to check out the Central Park Dance Skaters Association Skate Circle (every Saturday, Sunday, and holiday from 2:30 to 6:30 p.m. from mid… More >>
  • Best ornery petting zoo

    Prospect Park Zoo

    At most petting zoos, you don't have to be much of a charmer to have the beasts quite literally eating out of your hand. You fill that hand with food, you place it near their mouths, they gorge their furry little selves, end of story. But at the petting zoo in the Prospect Park Zoo, the animals are so spoiled… More >>
  • Best spot for wedding photos

    Fulton Ferry Landing

    Witness the Just Married, a rare breed often found on weekends at Fulton Ferry Landing, which overlooks the Lower Manhattan skyline across the East River. The female of the species is usually ornamented in a white gown, sparkly headgear, and face paint. It is not odd to see her male counterpart wearing a more sedate—and somber—black-and-white suit. They exhibit great… More >>
  • Best East Village Ma-and-Pa-Owned Business

    Ciao for Now

    Ciao for Now, a neighborhood bakery, can only fit 15 or 20 (uncomfortably) into its tiny dining room, but this little sugar shack with the ginormous heart is beloved by hundreds nonetheless. They'd have a killer rep on the merits of their excellent organically inclined, locally grown baked goods alone—sumptuous muffins (blueberry streusel, corn, strawberry mango, bran, vegan), yummy… More >>
  • Best grassroots travel

    Fung Wah

    Need to get from the Big Apple to Beantown on 20 bucks? Head down to Chinatown and join the steady line of broke-ass students, hardworking immigrants, and new-age hobos waiting to take the Fung Wah and Lucky Star buses departing for downtown Boston every hour (some every half-hour). The ride is about four, OK, sometimes five hours long and the… More >>
  • Best bus


    Two buses, actually—the 14th Street cross- towns, M14A (which starts at Abingdon Square, traverses 14th Street between Eighth Avenue and Avenue A, and then heads south to Grand Street at the FDR Drive) and M14D (which starts at West 18th Street across from Chelsea Piers, toddles across 14th from Ninth Avenue to Avenue D, and heads down to Delancey… More >>
  • Kids in the Mall

    Cartier be damned! The hell with Chanterelle! What if all you really want is a pair of Claire's earrings and a Cinnabon? New York City may be a world-famous culinary and retail destination; it may boast boutiques and bistros of almost insufferable glamour—but is the town up to satisfying a craving for, say,… More >>
  • Free At Last

    Oh, how awkward to whip out my imitation-cowhide wallet and find only a Sunoco receipt where the Benjamins are supposed to be! The check stares at me scornfully from the restaurant table, and my companions' laughs are as hollow as my billfold, so I slip outside to seek salvation behind the glowing "ATM" sign at a corner deli. But there… More >>
  • Culture and Vultures

    The best argument against that old whine "New York City isn't what it used to be" is, "That comment isn't what it used to be. It's the tiredest, most clichéd utterance in history—and it's almost invariably said by people who didn't have what it takes to stay here." … More >>
  • Shake Me, Wake Me When It's Over

    The first 100 days in the administration of new mayor Christine Quinn was a whirlwind of legislation and initiatives, a veritable tour de force of government that some said could only be likened to the first terms of Mayor Fiorello La Guardia or FDR. In… More >>
  • Flapper Fever

    I'm pulling a beaded velvet chemise over my head and I'm going out tonight, but I'm not exactly sure where. Maybe I'll start the evening at the 300 Club at 151 West 54th Street, where the proprietress, Texas Guinan, is famous for greeting patrons with a loud, "Hello, Suckers"; or maybe I'll go downtown, to the Pirates Den at 8… More >>
  • Joel Tudor

    Sports & Sex

    Part-Time New Yorker Since 1998 So, you're a part-time New Yorker. Where do you live when you're here? In the West Village. It was a friend's place, and when she left she just handed it over to us. It's pretty sweet, especially… More >>