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Angelina Jolie's Last Meal New York 2007 - Treichville - CLOSED



339 E. 118th St.

New York, NY 10035


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We suspect that when Angelina flies to Africa to adopt babies, she stays in the finest hotels and eats Western-style gourmet food. Accordingly, we think it only appropriate that she have a real African meal. Let's send her to Treichville, one of the city's few Ivory Coast eateries. There, she'll scarf a fiery seafood "pepper soup" that compares favorably with bouillabaisse, and the mash of manioc and plantains called foutou, daintily dipping wads of it in the garden-egg soup. "What are garden eggs?" she asks. "White eggplants that look something like the bleached skulls of Caucasians," we reply with a twinkle in our eye. Let's just hope she can resist taking home another customer's baby for her own.
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