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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Last Meal New York 2007 - El Anzuelo Fino

El Anzuelo Fino

El Anzuelo Fino

98-01 Jamaica Ave.

Jamaica, NY 11421


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The muscle-bound Governator spent his early career body-building, culminating in a Mr. Universe title that was his ticket to America. Accordingly, we think he needs mussels for his final meal. He'll find them plentifully represented in the ceviche mixto at El Anzuelo Fino ("the delicate fishhook"), a Peruvian restaurant specializing in seafood. The mussels are joined in the cold soup by squid, shrimp, clams, and corvina – the national fish of Peru. And we'll advise Arnie to drink the tasty broth when he's finished eating the solid parts, as Peruvians do.
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