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Best Brooklyn venue rebuilt to look exactly like a Manhattan venue New York 2007 - Music Hall of Williamsburg

When Bowery Presents shut down semi-beloved B-burg haunt Northsix earlier this year and announced plans to revamp and reopen it as the grandly retitled Music Hall of Williamsburg, we expected a stylish-ass upgrade—the Times announced that the result would have "balconies and a big-city gloss." What we didn't expect maybe is that it would look exactly like the Bowery Ballroom. Shit is creepy. The layouts are now nearly identical: From the street you had downstairs to a lovely and spacious bar area; once thoroughly soused, you head up another staircase to the boxy stage area itself, with a balcony overhead. No complaints here: The Ballroom's a fine place, and the MHoW is indeed fresh and clean. (Furthermore, any club hosting a two-day Snapcase reunion is totally OK with us.) But it's a very odd homage all the same: Some incredibly drunk patron is going to get profoundly confused one of these days. At least they saved some money on blueprints.
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