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Best place for my mom to cruise for young gay men New York 2007 - The Container Store

The Container Store

The Container Store

629 Sixth Ave.

New York, NY 10011


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My mom really gets along with the gays. In fact, it runs in the family. She also really likes to have the perfect container for everything: tiny little ones for leftover bacon fat, pretty glass ones for homemade ginger syrup, square ones for flour and sugar, and so on. These two passions are united when she hangs out at The Container Store, perusing the overwhelming assortment of vessels and striking up charming banter with neatly dressed homosexuals. Sometimes she is there for quite a while, giving people advice on locking lids and drip-safe olive-oil spouts. Some moms stop talking to their sons when they come out—in an ideal world, those men would win a date with my mom, who never had a boy, just two daughters who burp at the dinner table, don't know anything about bed skirts, and serve food right out of the jar it came in.
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