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Best place to buy ukulele picks (and toy glockenspiels, padded guitar cases for your tenor electric, and other needful things) on a Sunday New York 2007 - First Flight Music

First Flight Music

First Flight Music

174 First Ave.

New York, NY 10009


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It's the same old story—hell, it's probably happened to you too many times to mention. But: It's Sunday afternoon, and as you're only mildly hungover, you've managed to get up in time to get to rehearsal (or practice, if you're in that sort of band) on time when you realize that you're fresh out of . . . something you desperately need. Now, you'd rather do a month-long unpaid gig at the local NRA headquarters (or listen to the new Gavin DeGraw album) than trudge up to those nasty midtown music shops. Life sucks. But then you remember the excellent First Flight Music. Naturally, they have it—whatever it is—and, better still, there's no aging yuppy playing Deep Purple (or Eric Clapton, or AC/DC) badly on an electric guitar while you check out. Best of all, First Flight is next door to De Robertis Pasticceria, and because you're now in a truly splendid mood, it's cappuccinos and shortbread for everyone. Life is good.
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