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Best salon for African-American women to get their hair done New York 2007 - Turning Heads Salon & Day Spa

Sistahs, listen up. If you've ever been horrified by hairdressers who have singed your tresses with hot combs or ripped out chunks while cornrowing, Turning Heads Salon & Day Spa is worth checking out. Not only are they super-gentle (no matter how knotty that 'fro is, they'll practically massage it clean and tangle-free), they use only Aveda products to wash, condition, and fashion your kinks into curly locks, succulent coils, and flowing double-stranded twists. Straight 'dos get a minty mask and steam conditioning before going under the hot comb, and deep-conditioning treatments are there to preface the stitching in of luxurious weaves. With pampering like this, your hair is guaranteed to be healthy and luxuriant, rather than a split-ended disaster.
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Really, is this all? What are you basing this rating on? What a shame we have so little choices.