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Bugs Bunny's Last Meal New York 2007 - Concourse Bakery

Concourse Bakery

Concourse Bakery

252 E. 167th St.

Bronx, NY 10456


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You wascally wabbit! Prior to your demise, you were very fond of carrots, we seem to recall, and would often be seen leaning against a tree and munching on one. It's only fair that we give you a piece of the city's best carrot cake, which can be found at Concourse Bakery, a splendid establishment near the Bronx's most genteel thoroughfare, where you can also get a fine spicy beef patty or a hot dish from a list that includes commendable goat curry and jerk chicken. The coconut tarts are to die for, in case Elmer Fudd (Donald Trump in disguise?) shows up with his blunderbuss.
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