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Sammy Sosa's Last Meal New York 2007 - Hosta Halal Gyro

The home-run king swings for the bleachers using a made-in-Louisville ash bat, but we've got a different bat for him. The outsize Middle Eastern flatbread called lavash teams up with a triumphant combo of herby lamb and greasy chicken gyro to make a baseball-bat-size rolled sandwich at Hosta Halal Gyro, an estimable new addition to the mix of Turkish, Georgian, and Central Asian eateries of Sheepshead Bay. We'll advise Sammy to ask that both the hot sauce and yogurt be applied before the sandwich is rolled up.
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Posted on on 9/15/08It's a few months, already, since Hostas Halal Gyro has been gone from the Bay scene and the space is still not filled. The empty space at 1520 Sheepshead Bay Road is currently in need of a tenant who can pay the $3,500. That's a lot of gyros, so with that rent, it's no wonder the place ...