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Best (and least dusty!) booth at the brooklyn flea New York 2008 - John Murphy

Despite breathless coverage in New York and the Times, Brooklyn Flea, the weekly market in Fort Greene, turns out to be, well, a flea market. Don?t expect a transformative shopping experience. That being said, we love what Philly artist John Murphy is selling: color-saturated photos of archival pigment prints?birds, flowers, grass?set off in gloriously ornate and brightly hued, hand-crafted frames. Spend $150 on one of these suckers; leave the generic vintage duds to the sheep.

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mel altman
mel altman

I was there this last sun 11-07-10 looking for artist john murphy. He was not there this day. I would like to buy some of his art. Could you please give me his web address. He gave me a card about 2 months ago and I misplaced it. Thanks