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Best Brooklyn Ruin New York 2008 - Abandoned MTA power station

There?s something especially charming about a Brooklyn ruin these days. With so much of the borough gentrifying and filling up with Manhattan spillover, it?s actually reassuring to see an old industrial building still looming in proud decay, not yet converted into dot-com offices with baby-friendly caf?s. Our current favorite: the abandoned MTA power station on the Gowanus Canal just north of the 3rd Street bridge. The huge, red-brick building with big, blown-out windows lords over the canal almost magisterially, its large swatches of graffiti seemingly determined to announce that the place is still alive. And, in a way, it is?the former plant has regularly been home to squatters, who?ve dubbed it ?The Bat Cave.? Redevelopment plans are in the air, as they always are along the canal, so canoe on by and take a gander before it becomes just another building full of lofts (though one with a rather pungent aroma . . .).

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