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Best Crushing Media Oversaturation New York 2008 - Sex and the City movie

The constantly regenerating movie-poster avalanche that infects subways, billboards, taxi roofs, etc. (you even see ads tacked above urinals!), has become an inevitable part of the New York way of life, and we?ve learned to either ignore it or tweak it for our own amusement. (Back when those You Don?t Mess With the Zohan ads with Adam Sandler doing the splits were legion, we could at least get a laugh from drawing Adam some enormous balls.) But the crushing wave of hype that accompanied the Sex and the City movie?s grand arrival in May was unfathomable and inescapable, with Carrie, Grumpy, Ditzy, and Slutty leering at us from every magazine cover, spoiler-trolling Internet site, and unsullied square inch of wall space imaginable?Big Brother temporarily spawning four Big Sisters. Furthermore, the media frenzy was distinctly self-loathing: Time Out New York?s cover slapped duct tape over all the ladies? mouths and declared a backlash before the frontlash had even begun, whereas the New York Press just dumped them head-first in garbage cans, and all 10,000 ?Women: They Like Movies, Too!? trend stories had a distinct ?kill me now? undertone. Ah, yes, SATC?the worldwide phenomenon we love to hate and hate that we have to cover. Get ready for the sequel.

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