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Best Drag-Queen Makeover New York 2008 - The Victoria Party

The Victoria Party

The Victoria Party

53 Christopher St.

New York, NY 10014


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Taking its name from the Julie Andrews gender-bender Victor Victoria, the Victoria party is where a girl can forget she?s a girl?and become a glamorous drag queen instead. Nothing to wear? No problem: Partygoers first stop at the Victoria style station, where Lady Coco Lareau and her team of stylists get you dolled up in fake eyelashes, heavy makeup, and super-tacky clothes that only a drag queen could love (most come from the reject bins of vintage store Hooti Couture). Then, get your Polaroid snapped and fill out a questionnaire (you?ll be asked for your opinion on faux queens and requested to make up a drag name and slogan). Those with the best look and sassiest answers get to sashay down the runway, with prizes awarded to the most fabulous drag queen of the night. Ms. Andrews would be so proud.

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Ok, I might be a little nuts, but even though I have none (nuts, that is) I have always dreamed about getting a drag queen makeover because drag queens really know how to work it. I am a 6' brunette, heterosexual, female, 51 years old, I have 28 year old twins (one gay, one steryotypical hetero). I love them both, but actually have a closer relationship to the gay one. I have always been amazed by the fact that drag queens can look so much better than 99.9% of the women I have seen. I am really curious how good they could make me look. I think it would be really fun.