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Best Fall from Local Rap Grace New York 2008 - The Diplomats

Those who spent this summer listening to New Orleans rapper Lil Wayne?s ?A Milli? crank out of car stereos from Harlem to Brooklyn could be excused for feeling a bit sad. It wasn?t so long ago that we had our own indigenous ways of making SUVs (er, hybrids) thump?years after D-Block and Wu-Tang and Roc-a-Fella fell, New York still had the Diplomats: Cam?ron, the leader, prone to pink chinchilla coats and rhymes of dazzling internal intricacy; Juelz Santana, the young heartthrob, whose casual delivery and tendency toward rhyming a word with the same word, over and over again, was itself a feat of charisma; Jim Jones, the braying capo with a stunning knack for catchphrases. They were flamboyant, and their records?the mixtape series Diplomatic Immunity; Cam?ron?s 2004 classic, Purple Haze?ruled New York. Until, that is, Cam?ron lost his mind. Feuds with two of the world?s richer and more talented rappers, Jay-Z and 50 Cent, ensued; then came the embarrassing, blustering YouTube videos, the public dissolution of the clique as Cam?ron went M.I.A. down in Florida last summer, and, going on over a year now, total silence. Cam, guys?what happened?

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I dont think any real hip hop took the Dipset/Birdgang thing serious. West Coast jock riding (like the West matters)leaning all over their quasi blood affliation (dude we all kow Kurupt and Snoop are Crips, DJ Quik is a Bllod, rep it and move on). They never cared about the music just the fact that in a down era in NYC they had something but not one dude I know was checking for them, well maybe cuase I am from East New York.