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Best Floral Jewelry New York 2008 - Kristen “the Flower Lady”

Soho is a real bloomer with Kristen ?the Flower Lady? around. She?s a local vendor who usually stands next to a board tacked full of real flowers, seemingly frozen in time. But make no mistake about it: These aren?t lovely bouquets you put in a vase. They?re jewelry?earrings and necklaces made from real flowers encased in resin. Her biggest sellers are Dianthus (Sweet William), hydrangea, Scaevola (fan plant), and Queen Anne?s lace. Prices range from $20 to $60 for earrings and $30 to $150 for necklaces. As long as the weather?s good, expect her to be out and about and tell her we sent you.

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My husband bought me some earrings from her a couple of years ago and I would love another pair but I live in GA...does anyone have any contact info for Kristen?