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Best Inexpensive Chinese Massage New York 2008 - Lilly & Raul

Lilly & Raul

Lilly & Raul

211 E. 43rd St.

New York, NY 10017


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Although Lilly & Raul offers no frills, it?s still pleasant, quiet, and clean. But be prepared to get seriously laid into by an older Chinese lady who will unwind you in that hurts-so-good sort of way. The place only offers one style of massage, called qi gong tui na, a cross between Shiatsu and acupressure?and it?s only for women or couples (sorry, single dudes!). Until a few months ago, a one-hour massage ran a mere $39, but we?ve noticed they?ve upped the price recently to $50/hour?still a cheap rate. But it appears that they?re also running a promotion, meaning you can still get the old price.

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The promotion is a big hit so Lilly and Raul keep running it.