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Best Local TV Reporter New York 2008 - Roger Clark

Well, perhaps ?most appealing? is the more appropriate sobriquet?or ?most pleasantly goofball.? NY1?s Roger Clark isn?t exactly Edward R. Murrow, though he does get sent to exotic places early in the morning to report on whatever local color happens to be up at that strange hour. Roger?s charm comes from his combination of friendliness and awkwardness, his always-game attitude, and the way he both amuses and gets teased by morning anchor Pat Kiernan?who won Best New York Canadian in these pages last year. (We expect Pat does an excellent Mr. Dressup imitation after a few Molsons.) Other local TV reporters might win the prize?and the job offers from CNN?but no matter what obscure corner of New York he?s standing on, Roger is our favorite, the mensch we?re glad to take with our morning coffee.

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