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Best Off-Off-Off-Broadway Musical Theater New York 2008 - Rev. Jen’s Really Cool Neighborhood

Rev. Jenís Really Cool Neighborhood

Rev. Jen’s Really Cool Neighborhood

308 Bowery

New York, NY 10012


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Even after her punk-band days and her years of ?anti-slam? variety performances, Jen Miller has kept a busy schedule. When she?s not doing her cable-access show, or working out of her home as the curator of a troll-doll museum, or writing columns for, or lecturing at USC about performance art, you might find her starring in her self-proclaimed ?live-action TV show? Rev. Jen?s Really Cool Neighborhood. Ably assisted by her Chihuahua (Rev. Jen Jr.), a giant talking roach, Moonshine the neighborhood bartender, and Mangina the mailman (who sports female anatomy), she indulges in tales of sex, drugs, rock ?n? roll, time travel, and dancing, with plans to turn it soon into a real TV show. Most likely, you?ll find that one on public access as well, instead of a major network or even commercial cable. Their loss . . .

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tommy rogers
tommy rogers

i have always loved rev jen from the beginning. nick zedd rocks too thanks for being you tommy tortellini