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Best Online DJ New York 2008 - David Byrne

It?s not like he has a lot of free time, what with his playable-building exhibit, Imelda Marcos theater piece, record label, book of sketches, articles about the music industry, a recent album with Brian Eno, and a fall tour. Still, as a certified music nut, Gothamite David Byrne can?t help himself from indulging in yet another project?though he doesn?t DJ offline, he?s only too happy to open up his music collection and create his own virtual-radio show via monthly playlists on his website. Since 2005, he?s put together themed shows centered on everything from Turkish pop to jazz to what he considers ?popular music? (Britney, Timbaland, and Shelby Lynne alongside Manu Chao and Hot Chip), even including himself in a mix (the October ?06 show included his soundtrack work). And don?t worry if you miss a show, because he archives them all.

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