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Best Party Posing as an Internet Radio Show New York 2008 - D List Radio

The ?Willie Wonka of gay New York,? Daniel Nardicio has an affable yet sly demeanor in his self-appointed role as the ringmaster of this circus of freaky talent, TV Land?style drop-ins, and outlandish advice-givers (like saucy helper-to-the-lovelorn Robbyne Kaamil). Pumped out live from a tiny storefront in the East Village?which usually overflows its bounds, creating the world?s kookiest street party in the process?Nardicio?s D List Radio show on has a rollicking energy that?s a bitch-slap on the ass of anyone who moans about how New York ain?t what it used to be.

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that aussie dude on there is great.


good call! I love this show and my whole office is hooked!