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Best Pastrami Sandwich New York 2008 - Katz’s and Mill Basin Deli

Katzís and Mill Basin Deli

Katz’s and Mill Basin Deli

205 E. Houston St.

New York, NY 10002


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Robert Sietsema: I?ve always revered the kosher Second Avenue Deli for its hot corned beef, even as they?ve migrated northward, but non-kosher Katz?s remains the king of hot pastrami. Still sliced by hand, the scarlet, pepper-rubbed meat settles thickly on the rye bread like a sunburned bathing beauty onto a hot beach.

Sarah DiGregorio: Katz?s is the one to beat, but I?m partial to the product at Mill Basin Deli, where the pastrami is perfectly ribboned with fat and blackened around the edges with coarse pepper. The purplish meat teeters so vertiginously between the slices of rye that to eat it, you must attack with abandon.

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The pastrami at Katz' is good, but certainly not a good value. I went in last week and paid $17 for just a pastrami sandwich. No drink, no side, nothing - just the sandwich. The sandwich is big mind you, but nothing about it suggests it should be worth $17 even in NYC. I am really not sure why this place keeps getting the hype - it's a total tourist trap.


I love the Pastrami Sandwiches at Katz's. I can't resist picking one up whenever I pass from there.raucherentwohnung