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Best Place to Buy Gifts on a Budget New York 2008 - Pearl River Mart

Pearl River Mart

Pearl River Mart

477 Broadway

New York, NY 10013


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Readers' Choice: Pearl River Mart

Don?t be discouraged by the ceramic rooster and the ?I [Heart] NYC? mugs?there are treasures to be found at Pearl River Mart, a Soho variety store with tons of Asian wares. On the first floor, past a small, unimpressive selection of clothing, there are shelves packed with beautiful ceramic bowls painted with cranes, dragonflies, and intricate floral patterns; sushi sets complete with chopsticks and sauce dishes; and colorful cast-iron tea kettles?all ranging in price from about $12 to $60. If you?re looking for a more unique gift, you?ll find decorative wood birdcages for sale in the back, starting at $20, and a few silk dragonfly kites for around $15. On the lower level of the store, past the indoor waterfall and the requisite Jackie Chan tapestries, there are plenty of practical items made whimsical?for example, a $4.50 pig-shaped hand-charged flashlight (no batteries needed), perhaps the ideal birthday present for your uncle with the basement packed full of emergency supplies in case of a blackout, tornado, or Armageddon. For the aunt who regularly misplaces her eyeglasses, get an ?EyeBod,? a little man-shaped eyeglasses stand. For your roommate whose incredible baking skills make up for her Mario L?pez posters in the living room, a ladybug kitchen timer ($7.95). With so many cheap and fun household goods for sale?from kitchen knives to beaded curtains and gongs?you?ll probably end up leaving with at least one gift for yourself.

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Ice making Machines
Ice making Machines

A really good gift idea that I thought of for my grandparents was a portable ice maker. It was perfect because they love to travel.

Dr. Jim Willardsen
Dr. Jim Willardsen

I love how this post was written. Great captivating introduction and it lasted all the way through.


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