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Best Place to Pretend Youíre an Artist New York 2008 - Pearl Paint

Pearl Paint

Pearl Paint

308 Canal St.

New York, NY 10013


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Pearl Paint is populated by overeducated, underpaid employees: Most of the sales staff have BFAs and are making their own art when they?re not hocking paintbrushes, decorative paper, canvas stretchers, calligraphy pens, or plaster. Thankfully, though, the knowledgeable staffers don?t hold that against you. There is, after all, an Acrylic Paint Set for Dummies on display right next to the $100 tubes of oil paint. That?s the great thing about this place: It?s an art-supply store for everyone, from the five-year-old who?s jonesing for a new Gumby coloring book to the professional artist in need of gesso and linseed oil by the gallon. Crafty moms come in for Bedazzlers and yarn; teachers buy up stacks of construction paper and glitter; and at the beginning of each semester, art students crowd the aisles as they stock up for a new season of Life Drawing and Watercolor 101. Pearl Paint has five floors packed with art supplies, plus a frame shop and home-and-craft center across the street. Even better, the store offers a 10 percent student, teacher, and faculty discount.

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