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Best Shoe Store for a Gotti New York 2008 - The Ravenite Social Club and Shoe

The Ravenite Social Club and Shoe

The Ravenite Social Club and Shoe

247 Mulberry St.

New York, NY 10012


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From the legendary former storefront known alternately as The Ravenite Social Club and Shoe, godfather John Gotti once decided who should be fitted for cement shoes and who shouldn?t. Gotti and his crew are long gone, but you can still shop for shoes there?or at least for one particular brand. In the don?s old haunt, a pair of handmade Cydwoq (pronounced ?sidewalk,? naturally) sandals will run you about $212 these days, while a pair of low-cut boots go for $363. Gotti, a vain man given to chic men?s wear during his brief reign of Mafia glory in the late ?80s and early ?90s, would appreciate this high-style approach. He might also approve that the new proprietors left the old tile floor?cracks, red rosettes, and all?in place. The store?s full-length glass windows give tourists and passersby the one thing Gotti could never tolerate: a close-up look inside. You can fill a place with high-priced footwear, but you can?t take the mob shadows out. Still the perfect spot for a sit-down?now, sans espresso.

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