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Best Strip Club for Living Like Rappers New York 2008 - Sin City

Sin City

Sin City

2520 Park Ave.

Bronx, NY 10451


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For a taste of the rap-music-video life, with naked women, money falling from the sky like rain, and bottles of champagne popping, hit up Sin City in the Bronx. On any weeknight, you may run into hip-hoppers Papoose, Kay Slay, Funkmaster Flex, Ed Lover, members of Dip Set, and others. You won?t have to look hard to spot them: You?ll see the entourage members scouting out the joint, which will soon be followed by the DJ announcing their presence. Or just look for the flock of strippers circling a table in hopes of hitting pay dirt. This is no Scores?think girls with meat on their bones climbing poles with no hands to making the booty clap and DJs playing the rap records put out by the fellows in VIP.

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Rosa Red
Rosa Red

I went to celebrate my birthday last night 02/06/10). I called earlier in the day and was told the cover charge was $20. I'm on a budget and wanted to estimate my costs. I drove over two hours to get there, only to find there was no parking. Even the valet was full. I parked a few blocks away and in the freezing cold walked to the club. There was an extremely long line with no cover from the weather. I stood in line for over 45 min. I went in and was surprised that the cover charge had changed to $30 with manadatory coat check $4. When I finally got inside the place was extremely crowded. it told over 30 min to get a table and much longer before a waitress walked by. My friend ordered something with her card, and I ordered food & a drink with my card. It was well after an hour before we got our food. It came to my table in a take out container. Not even a dish! The excuse: "there's only 20 min left so i thought you'd want a take out container. is that ok?" then the next surprise, "i charged my friend's drink to your card because there is a minimum credit card purchase of $30" she hands me a receipt to sign and asks, "is that ok?". My plan was to eat and then order my was my birthday. I didn't even get half-way through my dinner, the lights came on and everyone was pushed towards the coat check to leave. Had I known there was a $30 minimum prior to ordering, i wouldn't have ordered. The only nice thing about this place was the pretty girls. And if you didn't lure them to you by flashing handfuls of money, you would've been ignored. With the loud DJ music and shout-outs, even if you called a woman over, she probably wouldn't have heard you. This was the worst birthday ever!!!! They rip you off with hidden fees, they change the cost of things because they can, they ignore you and repeatively cue the audience to "make it rain". Once the lights turn on the dances and wait staff turn into rude ignorant people just trying to get home. i was hit in the head several times with the colossal bags the dancers carry out. Over all terrible experience. I would urge you to go elsewhere.