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Best Way to See the Effects of Global Warming with Chalk Marks New York 2008 - High Waterline Project

Even Dubya admits that this planet?s cooking, but how do we experience this phenomenon up-close and personal? To address this problem, artist Eve Mosher drew some lines, but not on a canvas. Starting from last spring, she?s pushed around a blue chalk sports-field marker on wheels for her High Waterline Project, drawing lines on the roads and sidewalks where the water level would rise 10 feet above the present sea level, which could happen by 2050, according to scientific research. So far, she?s canvassed the entire 70 miles of the Brooklyn coast as well as much of lower Manhattan, consulting with community boards to involve each neighborhood she?s marked as well as working with schools and environmental groups as part of the project. The impact so far? ?I wasn?t giving a speech or lecturing. It?s an information exchange?I want people to stop and consider this issue.?

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