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Best Way to Tag a Building Without Leaving a Mark New York 2008 - Graffiti Research LabÂ’s Laser Grafitti

Just as Jean-Michel Basquiat?s work once straddled the streets and the galleries, Graffiti Research Lab?s Laser Grafitti also occupies both worlds. Since ?07, GRL?s James Powderly and Evan Roth?using a laptop, projector, and laser pointer?have been able to tag buildings hundreds of feet away and then instantly erase their work with the click of a button. In addition to tagging the Brooklyn Bridge, GRL likes to make its mark on landmarks and government buildings, while their work has also been exhibited at MOMA and London?s Tate Museum, with upcoming exhibits in Paris and Greece. Most importantly though, Roth explains that GRL?s true calling is empowerment: ?We?re terrible graffiti writers, and we?re at our best when we?re working with graffiti writers and activists to amplify their voices rather than our own.? Messages often range from the highly political to the highly phallic.

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