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Best Yankee New York 2008 - Mike "Moose" Mussina

Readers' Choice: Derek Jeter
At the end of the 2007 season, Mike ?Moose? Mussina was so bad that the Yanks yanked him from the starting rotation in the middle of a pennant run. Giving up more than five runs a game, those weren?t Moooooooose!?s that greeted Mussina for most of the season. But in ?08, the same guy that the Yankee faithful wanted to run out of town on a rail the year before turned things around, winning 20 games and lowering his ERA by a run and a half. Meanwhile, though Derek Jeter still has his boyish smile, he swung his bat like the 34-year-old that he is. A-Rod put up his usual big numbers but, as is customary, choked when it counted?i.e., with men in scoring position. The Giambino needs to get back on the juice. All season long, Robinson Cano looked like the guy who stayed too late in the clubs the night before. The ?Melkman? didn?t deliver and got sent down. Injuries cut into the season of an aging but resurgent Johnny Damon, and on and on. Joba Chamberlain had his moments, but injuries and shifting him from the bullpen to starter to the bullpen meant Joba didn?t rule. In the end, like the other seven seasons since Moose put on the pinstripes, even Mussina?s career year couldn?t save the Yankees from a humiliating season.
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