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Japanese New York 2008 - Ippudo



65 Fourth Ave.

New York, NY 10003


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In the ramen wars, everyone wins. The most distinguished addition this year was Ippudo, which fashions noodles that are both gossamer and resilient enough to stand up to the milky pork-bone tonkotsu broth. Try the classic shiomaru ramen.

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There are NO ACCOLADES for Ippudo. I've been coming here for ramen, since I moved to NY about 2 years ago; but yesterday, I abruptly left the restaurant when management decided to slap me with a surcharge of $4/person for eating a cupcake in their restaurant. No one gave me a warning, but they just automatically added the ridiculous surcharge to my tab. I went late in the afternoon, and did not have to wait for a table, but for some reason, things were EXTREMELY SLOW in the kitchen. I mean, come on, it should take 5 minutes to bring out a bowl of ramen. I was STARVING and the only thing to stave off my hunger were the cupcakes that I bought from Butter Lane. I asked if, instead, I could order an appetizer or drinks, but they didn't even give me the option. Moreover, I think it's annoying when this "policy" was not listed anywhere on the menu. The manager on duty said management is allowed to do whatever they please, but shouldn't they, instead, try to please the customers? Afterall, you are paying $15 for a bowl of peasant food. So fellow ramen enthusiasts, beware!