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Raspberry Vinaigrette New York 2008 - Caffe on the Green

Caffe on the Green

Caffe on the Green

201-10 Cross Island Parkway

Flushing, NY 11360


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Every time raspberry vinaigrette is mentioned (not too often these days), we naturally think of Prince?s ?Raspberry Beret,? one of the greatest songs of 1985. In fact, the two have much in common: Catchy yet cloying, both made a massive mark on an entire era. Vinaigrette is supposed to be sour, but raspberry vinaigrette is uncommonly sweet?almost as sweet as the syrup you put on your pancakes. And its most common use in those days was pouring it over salmon fillets. Yuck! Sample raspberry vinaigrette in all its retrograde splendor on the tricolor salad at Caffe on the Green, a national landmark in Bayside that was once the home of Rudolph Valentino.

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