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  • Best Endearingly Uncomfortable Coach-Team Pairing

    Knicks and Mike D’Antoni

    You may have observed that last year’s Knicks squad was absolutely hideous. Mercifully, that debacle’s primary architect, Isiah Thomas, has been relieved of his head-coaching duties. (Though he remains in the organization and will be paid $18 million this year not to talk to his former players.) But the debacle remains: a ragtag collection of woeful contracts and uncomplimentary players… More >>
  • Best Salve for Your Soul While Watching D’Antoni’s Knicks

    Walt “Clyde” Frazier

    Gotta love Walt “Clyde” Frazier, the Knicks’ TV commentator. On the one hand, the mighty Hall of Famer tragically reminds us of the Knicks’ storied history (those championships in ’70 and ’73, say); on the other, Clyde’s presence as color commentator for the Knicks’ games on MSG is often the only tolerable aspect of watching them. For even when the… More >>
  • Best Met

    David Wright

    In a June game against the Angels, José Reyes came up lame trying to run out a grounder. When recently installed manager Jerry Manuel took his young star out of the game as a precautionary measure, Reyes threw his helmet in disgust before storming off to the Mets’ locker room. Willie Randolph might have put up with such a tantrum,… More >>
  • Best Place to Watch Pro Football

    Professor Thom’s

    If you’re like us, Sunday afternoons in the fall require a serious NFL fix that can only be satisfied by watching several different games at the same time. Problem is, the bar on the corner only has three or four TV sets (with most of them tuned to the home teams), but you don’t want to contemplate the other extreme—the… More >>
  • Best Under-Appreciated Bowling Alley

    Harlem Lanes - CLOSED

    Harlem Lanes might be going overboard by describing an evening there as “the most unforgettable experience New York’s hottest entertainment destination can offer,” but that’s the kind of swagger we appreciate at a place that mixes bowling with spoken-word poetry. They also have disco bowling, couples’ nights, karaoke, and the requisite chicken wings to go along with it all. The… More >>
  • Best 10-Minute Massage

    Renew & Relax Spa

    Perhaps Renew & Relax Spa’s proximity to the Voice office makes us biased, but a 10-minute rubdown here is better than a three-martini lunch. When you enter, it seems more like a glorified nail salon than a true spa; it’s far from the chic pampering available at places like Bliss or the nearby Great Jones Spa. There’s no cucumber water… More >>
  • Best Yankee

    Mike "Moose" Mussina

    At the end of the 2007 season, Mike “Moose” Mussina was so bad that the Yanks yanked him from the starting rotation in the middle of a pennant run. Giving up more than five runs a game, those weren’t Moooooooose!’s that greeted Mussina for most of the season. But in ’08, the same guy that the Yankee faithful wanted to… More >>
  • Best Gym Workout Without Having To Be Under the Scrutiny of Trainers, Buff Guys, or Yogis

    Dance Dance Party Party

    Some people hate clubbing, and it’s not only because New York City clubs are kind of B&T. Some people hate it because of sweat. They’re embarrassed about the pit stains that form on their tight poly-blend club clothes after only a few minutes on the dance floor—gyrating in a steamy club while fending off beefy goombahs is a workout, after… More >>
  • Best New York Football Giant

    Tom Coughlin

    With all-time NFL sack leader Michael Strahan stepping down, the title of best football Giant should probably go to one of his defensive mates, like media-hating, horn-blowing Antonio Pierce or on-the-verge-of-being-a-star Justin Tuck. Given that he finally started playing efficiently and mixed in a few above-average performances, you might also be able to make the case that Eli Manning should… More >>
  • Best Brooklyn Bike Gurus

    Roy's Sheepshead Cycle, Ilya Nikhamin, and Allen Trepel

    Roy’s Sheepshead Cycle opened in Brooklyn in 1931 on 86th Street. Now, two moves and 77 years later, the shop has developed a reputation for its knowledgeable (if occasionally gruff) staff. The head bike guru, owner Allen Trepel, is a master at bike fittings and correcting customers’ cycling form, thanks to eight years of studying anatomy while training as an… More >>
  • Best New York Knickerbocker

    Jamal Crawford

    It would have been nice to hand this award to, say, University of Memphis guard Derek Rose or Kansas frosh sensation Michael Beasley, the No. 1 and No. 2 picks in the draft, for the next 10 or so years. But the Knicks—who haven’t picked a high-impact first-rounder since Rod Strickland 20 years ago—went for 19-year-old Italian unknown Danilo Gallinari,… More >>
  • Best Jet

    Brett Favre

    Brett who? The best Jet football player is almost sure not to rush for a yard, throw a pass, score a touchdown, or maybe even not make a tackle. In the off-season, the Jets netted one of the prize free agents in six-foot-five, 307-pound guard Alan Faneca. The seven-time All-Pro came at a price tag of $32 million over four… More >>
  • Best Flowers in Manhattan You Can’t Buy

    Fort Tryon Park

    If you’ve been to the Cloisters, the Met’s reconstructed monastery, you probably couldn’t resist a walk through the gardens of Fort Tryon Park. The 67-acre public park has thousands of blossoms bursting into Technicolor glory each spring—sunflowers, snapdragons, tulips, roses, irises, hydrangeas, begonias, azaleas. There are, in fact, more than 500 varieties of plants growing on this historic Revolutionary War… More >>
  • Best Place to Lose Your Money to Elderly Gentlemen

    William F. Moore Park

    Sure, you think, you’re young, smart, and fit—surely you can best a geriatric in any athletic challenge! Brother, you are about to enter a world of hurt. The seniors who populate the bocce courts in the William F. Moore Park in Corona, Queens, will take your money and your dignity. Happily, you can console yourself with a treat from the… More >>
  • Best Strip Club for Living Like Rappers

    Sin City

    For a taste of the rap-music-video life, with naked women, money falling from the sky like rain, and bottles of champagne popping, hit up Sin City in the Bronx. On any weeknight, you may run into hip-hoppers Papoose, Kay Slay, Funkmaster Flex, Ed Lover, members of Dip Set, and others. You won’t have to look hard to spot them: You’ll… More >>
  • Best Black Brooklyn Gay Stroll

    Atlantic Avenue between Waverly Street and Washington Avenue

    On a tiny strip on Atlantic Avenue between Waverly Street and Washington Avenue, in what is soon to be part of the massive Atlantic Yards takeover, men of color stroll looking for love—or just instant gratification. Depending on the time of day, you can cruise professionals, service workers, blue-collar men, and black queens. However, this little slice of homo heaven… More >>
  • Best Fishing Hole (in the Wall)

    Red Hook Bait and Tackle

    We’re sure there are plenty of nice spots around the city to while away the hours with a fishing rod in hand. But if it’s the elusive Guinness fish you’re after, look no further than Red Hook Bait and Tackle, one of the best dive bars in Brooklyn. Formerly a bait-and-tackle shop, this dimly lit watering hole—decorated with antique harpoons,… More >>
  • Best New York Ranger

    Henrik Lundqvist

    The best player on the Blue Shirts last year and the year before wasn’t Jaromír Jágr, who will play in Russia this year, or Sean Avery, who will line up for the Dallas Stars, but All-Star goalie Henrik Lundqvist. The Swede net minder led the league last year with 10 shutouts (third-best ever in a single season for the team)… More >>
  • Best Place To Get Hit In the Head With A Soccer Ball

    McCarren Park

    From a distance, the McCarren Park track may look harmless, but during the morning hours of 7 to 11, the track transforms into an obstacle course of an unusual sort. In the center of the track, players preparing for games later in the day practice by kicking roughly a gazillion soccer balls every which way. So your jog requires vigilance—and… More >>
  • Best Place to Dork Out

    New York Table Tennis Federation

    Unlike certain hipster bars that offer a ping-pong table with their beer, there’s absolutely nothing cool about spending a Friday night smacking a featherweight ball around at the New York Table Tennis Federation. However, you may be shocked to discover that if you tell your friends you’re going to take a sketchy elevator down to the basement of a nondescript… More >>
  • Best Place To Get Some Space

    Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal Site Reclamation

    Williamsburg: land of (attractive) human gridlock. From the L train to Bedford Avenue and then to your three-bedroom, five-roommate apartment (not counting your unofficial official houseguest), your body never has any personal space. Instead of opting for a day trip to Central Park or the bus route to Prospect Park, there’s a little bit of green space with a… More >>
  • Best Place to Walk on Glass

    Coney Island

    Coney Island has long been NYC’s go-to spot for sideshows and freak shows—sword swallowers, fire eaters, people straightening out their deviated septums by pounding nails up their nostrils. Such exotic thrills, though, need not be limited to the tattooed performers—indeed, anyone can practice daredevilry at Coney Island. How? By walking barefoot on broken glass. Where? Why, on the very beach… More >>
  • Best Park With a View

    Astoria Park

    The most common rationalization of an outer-borough dweller is: “If I lived in Manhattan, I wouldn’t get this amazing view!” And so we move farther and farther east and north, stretch out on rooftops and terraces that we wouldn’t be able to afford in Manhattan, and gaze upon the landmarks of an increasingly unaffordable city. Astorians are particularly guilty of… More >>
  • Best Bathroom for Getting It On in Private

    Hotel on Rivington

    You and your partner are shopping at Babeland for some new love trinkets and can’t wait to get home to try them out. Hey, we’ve all been there. Luckily, the Hotel on Rivington is just a block away. What’s that? Don’t have $500 to spare for a room? Relax—just have a drink at the ground-floor bar. Politely excuse yourself to… More >>
  • Best Feel-Good Ride

    Horseback riding

    Horseback riding isn’t only a great workout; it’s also an opportunity to enjoy a little intimate time with nature—and yourself. Women in particular have been known to experience great joys during long, intense rides. Finding the right saddle, like finding the right partner, can be a challenge, but a good fit and a steady rhythm pretty much guarantee you a… More >>
  • Best Odds for Gay Sex in a Gym Shower

    David Barton Gym

    Co-ed gym showers haven’t exactly taken off yet, so strict heteros can ignore this one. But for anyone else who has ever fantasized about a shower tryst with a buff beefcake of the same sex, David Barton Gym has got a track record for best odds. In fact, lithe Chelsea boys not only bathe there; some live there. We’ve heard… More >>
  • Best Spectator Sport

    Women’s Turkish Oil Wrestling

    It’s not exactly dry humping if you’re lubed up with oil, but close enough. The event is Women’s Turkish Oil Wrestling, and the concept is self-explanatory: Strip down, oil up, get in the rink, wrap your thighs around another girl’s face, and scream. Not much different from any other night in the lesbian-amateur-BDSM-porn-fantasy world found on Playboy On Demand, only… More >>
  • Best Gym Window Candy

    New York Health & Racquet Club

    New York gyms can be annoyingly exhibitionist, especially for the chubbies who actually need to go. Street-level, floor-to-ceiling windows don’t make it any easier for exercise-phobes to get up the motivation to work out. But that’s not who New York gyms are for anyway. In particular, New York Health & Racquet Club, down the street from the Voice, appears to… More >>