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Best Cupcakes New York 2009 - Out of the Kitchen! - CLOSED

Out of the Kitchen!

Out of the Kitchen!

420 Hudson St.

New York, NY 10014


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We're the wrong people to ask about cupcakes. Generally, we hate 'em. Spun off like snot from the dripping nose of Sex and the City, the fad started at Magnolia Bakery, which a friend of ours calls "Mongolia Bakery." There, in multiple convection ovens and near-slavery conditions, oppressed workers turn out the tiny cakes, then smother them in enough bad pink or green frosting to make you gag. The very best of a bad lot are found at Out of the Kitchen! (the exclamation point is theirs), which is also one of our favorite brunch spots. Pick the yellow cake with chocolate frosting, and discover a treat that deserves the name "cake."

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I have to disagree. I've had Out of the Kitchen! cupcakes several times (my company has used them for employee birthdays) since they are so close to work and each time the cake is dry and the frosting is waxy. We've had to change to other - more inconvenient - cupcake shops for employee birthdays. Though, I should say that I have yet to find a perfect cupcake in NY. I came close once - Amai Tea shop (which closed down) had a brilliant green tea cupcake.