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Best Downtown-Minded Internet Savant New York 2009 - Bucky Turco

You've gotta respect Bucky Turco. The editor in chief of Animal New York, Turco is a streetwise guy who once unmasked the defiantly anonymous art-world star Banksy by publishing (alleged) pictures of him while manning Complex Magazine's blog, and promptly got a cease-and-desist from a representative law firm. Then after leaving "Marc Ecko's shopazine" (his words) to run Animal full-time, Turco later got his hands on pre-PhotoShopped images of Complex cover girl Kim Kardashian—always a boon for website traffic—and later became the first person to wrangle an interview with Kari Ferrell, the chest-pieced beard-loving con artist who came to be known as the Hipster Grifter. Turco has since remained pen pals with Ms. Ferrell; meanwhile, his crew of contributors (like Cajun Boy and Will Sherman) keeps "cultureholics" (their word) abreast of drug-ephemera updates, graffiti-writer hijinks, and women who Twitter about having their periods. Say what you want, but this man sure knows how to capture local Internet attention.

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Kari Ferrell
Kari Ferrell

Dear Mr./Mrs. Voice,

It has come to my attention that you have awarded Bucky Turco the title of Downtown (Idiot) Savant.

All I've got to say is, listen, I don't even know the guy. Everything he has ever said concerning me has been a farce. I never wrote those disgusting letters, and if I had corresponded with someone, it wouldn't have been him. I met Bucky Turco briefly, at The Charleston, but was unware of who he was. The next thing I know, I'm waking up in a disgusting apartment, without my pants, and have this guy wearing a University of California-Santa Cruz Banana Slug costume hovering over me, breathing heavily, listening to "Jitterbug".

Would you really want to honor a guy that listens to Wham!? That's what I thought.