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Best L.E.S. Spot for Balancing Seediness and Intimacy New York 2009 - Living Room - CLOSED

Living Room

Living Room

154 Ludlow St.

New York, NY 10002


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The Lower East Side, generally, and Ludlow Street, specifically, is larded with tiny, nonchalant, painstakingly rough-hewn clubs usually so jam-packed that the mere act of turning 360 degrees is a 10-minute operation. Such is the price of culture. This is occasionally true at the folkie-centric Living Room as well, of course, but it's just slightly more comfortable and inviting—you're able to sit down, which helps make it probably the best-named club in the city. Often mashing in 10 erstwhile singer-songwriters between the main stage and the even-homier upstairs space (a/k/a Googie's Lounge) per night, it's a fine place to indulge in a little artistic sensitivity and sentimentality that is nonetheless still graced with a fine coating of the neighborhood's studied grit. Go see X frontman John Doe whenever he wanders by. And keep your feet off the couch.

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