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Best Little Newspaper That Beats the Odds New York 2009 - Norwood News

Someone forgot to tell the plucky publishers of Norwood News that the days of newspapers are over. For that matter, in the northwest Bronx—where this little tell-it-like-it-is biweekly paper is based—the days of newspapers never really began. Until Norwood News was launched back in 1988, New York's dailies didn't bother to send too many reporters to cover the rapidly changing neighborhoods of Norwood, Bedford Park, North Fordham, and University Heights—which is why a local community nonprofit, the Mosholu Preservation Corporation, in league with Montefiore Medical Center, decided it would publish its own paper. Since then, local residents have had access to some of the finest and most clear-eyed reporting on local politics and events anywhere in the borough. And while other papers shrank, the News has continued to grow: Editor Jordan Moss has since added two other papers—The Mount Hope Monitor and Highbridge Horizon—along with the Bronx News Network. It's all done on a shoestring, but you wouldn't know it from the way it has covered local issues like the bitter wrestling match over the future of the cavernous Kingsbridge Armory.

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Karen Argenti
Karen Argenti

Just want to say thank you to the Village Voice for recognizing the good work of the Norwood News. I do not know what the community would do if they did not have local newspapers like the Norwood News. There are so many stories that are not covered by the larger media, it almost stifles free speech. The Village Voice does the best it can to cover the whole city, but without a free press like the Norwood News, the neighborhoods would be left to wither away.


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