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Best Niche Bar New York 2009 - Mayahuel



304 E. 6th St.

New York, NY 10003


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The website of Mayahuel takes great pains to acknowledge the stigma of a certain amber nectar: "Perhaps your experience with tequila was decidedly collegiate," thunders the gray script. "Perhaps it involved praying to a certain ironic goddess. Perhaps, consequently, you have since maintained that you don't do tequila." Who has been reading our diaries? But it's hard to feel like a drunk freshman at a kegger inside these tastefully draped confines; the split-level bar is darkly romantic, intimate, a wee pricey, and absolutely revelatory to anyone who's gotten the "tequila shudders" after imbibing the lesser stuff. This tequila, friends, is delectable and adult; Mayahuel made us a believer again.

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