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Best Pigs' Ears New York 2009 - Metro Café

Metro Café

Metro Café

4924 Eighth Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11220


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It seems incredible that a pig's ear can be both an excellent dog treat and a human dish of tremendous sophistication, but it's true. The cartilaginous pink flaps must first be braised or boiled to tenderness, at which point they provide a crunchy, slippery, porcine canvas for spices. But the best of the best can be found at Metro Café, a new Sichuan restaurant in Sunset Park. The cold pig's-ear appetizer is replete with ma-la flavor—the combination of tingly Sichuan peppercorns and fiery chilies—sliced into ribbons, slicked with the brick-red hot sauce, and generously sprinkled with sesame seeds, cilantro, and chopped peanuts.

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maria j ora
maria j ora

Definitely right, i been metro cafe twice, the pig's ear are unbelievable good, it between crunchy and tender and ma-la flavor are just right in touch. besides i found the other food, like cumin flavor beef, braised fish ,Pepper Dry Chicken is OOHH !SPICY and SICHUAN PEPPERCORN~SO AROMA. Super tasty.I must be back to check the other food.


After I read the voice & the comment, make me really want to try their food. They are really tasty & yummy, and many different dishes to chose, japanese snacks, lamb rack & they also serve steak too. You should go to try yourself.....!