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Best Place to Get a Spanking New York 2009 - Submit

Have you been bad? Deserve a potch in the tuchus? Don't abide by common gender constructs? Call up promoters Felice Shays and Red to find out the ultra-secret locale of their long-running monthly Submit party, and in no time, you'll be whipped right back into shape. This queer BDSM play night is a favorite among exhibitionists and voyeurs for the warm and welcoming atmosphere in which you can torture and be tortured and, most important, be yourself. Says one regular: "There's a gender spectrum, and there's a lot of variety of gender expressions at Submit. It's kind of a subculture of a subculture." The club comes complete with shower, "gyn med room," slings, bondage tables, beds, private sex booths, lounge areas, and even a cross. The hosts are always on hand to help people hook up and get their naughty needs met, whatever you fantasy. And if that fantasy is to pay for sex, there is a $20 cover.

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FOR NON JEWISH PEOPLE Always remember:Good deeds are eternal SELF ACTUALIZE BY BECOMING A NOAHIDE -1) Do not murder 2) do not Steal 3) do not Worship false gods ( for example Jesus or Buddha) 4) do not Be sexually immoral ( by committing incest, homosexual acts, or adultery) 5) do not Eat any flesh taken from a still living animal 6) do not Curse G-d 7) You must set up righteous courts and apply justice. INCREASING IN DEEDS OF KINDNESS HASTENS THE REDEMPTION!!!

Frank Nicholls
Frank Nicholls

I am interested in being spanked by a strong handed woman...