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Best Place to Spot Cute Nerds New York 2009 - Blackbird Parlour - CLOSED

Blackbird Parlour

Blackbird Parlour

197 Bedford Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11211


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The Blackbird Parlour, open only about a year, filled a certain niche that was missing in the Bedford Avenue Williamsburg scene. The saloonish café has a European flair, the teas and sandwiches are ridiculously overpriced, and yet, for whatever reason, lone, attractive nerds frequent the place. A lot. Could it be that these greasy-haired guys have an acquired taste for Brie and raw-beet salad? They flock to this sort of luxurious hangout as if it were the YMCA for V-neck, skinny-jean-wearing boys. And although the service is somewhat slow (the servers seem a lot more interested in how they look than in getting you a cup of tea), the place is packed—particularly on evenings—with nerdy men surrounded by books, laptops, and notepads, and all wearing the same pensive look. Hot.

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I'm guessing none of these "nerds" would be caught dead playing D&D, reading Legion of Superheroes, or debating the series finale of Battlestar Galactica.


When did "nerd" start to be just another word for "hipster?" "V-neck, skinny-jean-wearing boys" is not a description of a nerd. Nerds are socially awkward, talented in maths and sciences and do not dress fashionably. One can argue whether that is a pejorative or not, but I doubt many would disagree with the definition.