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Best Publicity Stunt New York 2009 - Park Avenue Winter

Park Avenue Winter

Park Avenue Winter

100 E. 63rd St.

New York, NY 10021


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In March, when uppity restaurant Park Avenue Winter announced that it would give away free meals to girls dressed in school uniforms in a nod to the massive success of Gossip Girl, both nubile TV fans and perverted old men let out a collective "OMFG!" The week-long gimmick earned the eatery a firestorm of publicity; every news outlet seemed to crow over the surprisingly grand, yet vaguely pedophilic, offer. But at the end of the week, after shelling out more than 250 gratis meals every night, the restaurant surely felt a burn in its wallet, and its office declined to return our calls about the financial burden their spurt of generosity incurred. But the restaurant is still open for business today (as Park Avenue Autumn, naturally), so, XOXO, and thanks for the tartan memories.

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