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Best Reminder of the Pre-Corporate Village New York 2009 - Shakespeare & Co.

Shakespeare & Co.

Shakespeare & Co.

716 Broadway

New York, NY 10003


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The Astor Place Barnes & Noble shuttered and became a gym, but around the corner, the small and purposeful Shakespeare & Co. is still kicking. What began as an Upper West Side bookseller (that site closed in 2000) is now one of the last non-evil chain stores in the city. Of the remaining locales, which include the UES, Gramercy, and Brooklyn College, the 719 Broadway branch is the oldest, serving the Village for close to 25 years, before Felicity went to NYU and started a whole new era. On that highly trafficked strip of Noho, you'll be hard-pressed to find anything else so ancient. So, one blustery day this winter, why not pick up something from the store's own bestseller list (compiled from its weekly sales), wrap yourself up in an American Apparel scarf, kick back at Wendy's, and have a nice, relaxing read. Just make sure you Tweet about what an authentic experience you're having from your Sprint Palm Pre.

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Huh? Shakespeare and Co? Come on. Do VV employees get discounts there? How about the venerable St. Marks Books at 9th and 3rd? Been there long before S & Co. (or at least in various places on St. Marks until the couldn't afford it anymore.)