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Best Retreat Salon New York 2009 - The Parlour Brooklyn

The Parlour Brooklyn

The Parlour Brooklyn

72 Greenpoint Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11222


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Located at the end of Greenpoint Avenue, adjacent to the waterfront, lies the newly built The Parlour Brooklyn, a spacious oasis that seems to have been specifically constructed to make you chill out. Greenpoint resident and stylist Nackie Karcher opened up this slice of heaven when she noticed big changes in her neighborhood and sensed an opportunity. The salon, with elegant dark wood, beautiful white flowers, and exposed-brick décor, offers more than your average haircut, blow-dry, and style do's—30-minute treatment sessions range from aromatherapy to scalp massages, and use things like rice proteins and essential oils. After these have had a chance to soak in, you're given soft eye covers and placed under a heat lamp—the feeling is remarkable. The salon has also offered exercise courses with special trainers focusing on core strength, balance, and flexibility. Can't wait to see what other special treats are in store. 72 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, 347-294-0444, theparlourbrooklyn

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