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Best Sammys New York 2009 - Mumbai Xpress

Mumbai Xpress

Mumbai Xpress

256-05 Hillside Ave.

Glen Oaks, NY 11004


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Between banh mi, mantou buns, and kati rolls, this has been the year of the sandwich—a happy occasion, but, please, let the infantile term "sammy" die. The sandwich that blew our minds this year came from street-food specialist Mumbai Xpress, where the Sichuan paneer sandwich is a delicious exercise in cultural exchange. The mild cheese is dressed with a spicy sauce and pressed between two pieces of buttered white bread, along with raw onions, bell peppers, sliced green chilies, and coriander chutney. It's really a London tea sandwich by way of Mumbai—with an imaginary trip to Chengdu thrown in for good measure.

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