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Best Shirts to Steal From Your Boyfriend New York 2009 - Steven Alan

Steven Alan

Steven Alan

103 Franklin St.

New York, NY 10013


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Yeah, it sounds a little selfish, but if you're going to buy your boyfriend a gift, shouldn't you get him something you can both enjoy? He won't even see your ulterior motive when you hand him a box with a classic plaid button-down shirt from Steven Alan inside. "I've never had a shirt fit me so perfectly!" he'll exclaim as he tries it on, while you picture how cute it will look on you in the morning. Alan has a cult following of collectors obsessed with his limited-edition, high-quality shirts that typically come in either a single-needle seam with a smaller collar or his signature reverse seam. In fact, his entire line of clothing for men and women is a hit with the artfully rumpled downtown set. And his namesake shops also offer a range of local indie designers including Sunshine & Shadow, Demylee, and Helmet of the Will. Of course, if your BF wants his Steven Alan shirt back, he'll do the right thing and buy you one of Alan's "boyfriend shirts," which Alan started making for women after he became aware of all the thievery going on. But unfortunately for your guy, the women's shirt will probably be just a bit too small for him to steal from you. Ah, equality.

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