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Best Sketch Comedy Ensemble New York 2009 - Elephant Larry

Remember Minesweeper: The Movie? No, it wasn't produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. Actually, it was a mock movie trailer by New York's very talented sketch group Elephant Larry. Done with ridiculous panache and excellent production, the short concerned a hilariously unskilled team of minesweepers (think The Hurt Locker, but with way more accidents) and quickly became one of's most popular skits. In the vein of the Lonely Island or Stella, the five-member troupe combines deadpan shorts with acerbic, rapid slapstick and more than a few double entendres for laugh-out-loud-funny results (check out YouTube for the short "Where Do Babies Come From?" for such finery). Of course, fans will know that Elephant Larry really do find Bruckheimer inspiring. Their sketch show Elephant Larry Presents Con Air, an over-the-top parody of the 1997 Bruckheimer blockbuster, has played to sold-out audiences at the People's Improv Theater in New York and across the country. Won't someone please give these guys their own TV show?

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The Ed.s

So noted and adjusted.

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Elephant Larry is great!

Unfortunately Elephant Larry is a SKETCH team, not an IMPROV team.

They WRITE their scenes, they don't IMPROVISE them.

So... I'm not sure how this makes sense.