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Best Mom-and-Pop Gym New York 2010 - Iron & Silk Fitness

Iron & Silk Fitness

155 E. 3rd St.

New York, NY 10009


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When you think of New York City gyms, your mind likely veers to the ubiquitous, giant chains with their high-school-size locker rooms, packed-to-the-gills classes, and impersonal efficiency. Or maybe you think of the smaller, bare-bones places where you'll join for spare change but never, ever take a shower or linger for a lengthy conversation. There's also the requisite array of yoga and Pilates studios, and the very expensive, personal-training-only facilities. But rarely do you find a gym that treats you like a member of the family, where classes are limited to four or five students, where the elliptical machines and treadmills each number four—but there's always one available. Iron & Silk Fitness, run by Stuart Burton and his wife, Christina—who, respectively, trained competitively in bodybuilding and martial arts—is one of the few true mom-and-pop gyms remaining in New York City. You'll always get a hello and a goodbye—along with some good old-fashioned familial advice. You'll also get ripped, whether you partake in their one-on-one personal training sessions and nutrition analysis programs; choose from the semi-private group sessions ranging from yoga to boxing to core and Pilates classes; or do your own thing with cardio and weights under their watchful gaze. These two give your health and fitness regimen the same intensity they give to their own sports, and that enthusiasm translates to the silky-steel physiques (think Madonna's arms, but less veiny) alluded to by the gym's name.

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it is very good

Iron And Silk is Superior
Iron And Silk is Superior

I'm so happy to learn this news -- Iron and Silk and all its staff really do deserve the very highest praise possible. Always clean as a whistle, this place has THE GREATEST energy and vibes. Stu and Tina are seriously professional and entirely trustworthy (every single piece of guidance they give REALLY WORKS and leaves you MUCH stronger and MUCH healthier) as well as friendly in an uncommonly sincere way ALL THE TIME. You can't help but feel that you are in the best hands available. The place and its staff result in the most unique health environment that I have ever heard of or personally experienced; it has the best combination of modern service to the body and old fashioned human moral support. Iron and Silk is about the improvement of your entire life. CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!