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Best New Coffee Shop New York 2010 - Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee

160 Berry St.

Brooklyn, NY 11211


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Blue Bottle Coffee in Brooklyn has terrific drip brews, yes, but it's also a uniquely spartan coffee experience. Since the Bay Area roasters expanded eastward this year, they've commanded the coffee scene in Williamsburg with a loftlike space to match. Leave the agitated busybody attitude to Manhattan; on Berry Street, the line extends to the door as patrons shift their weight patiently, peruse the java cookbooks, and glance bewilderedly at the Grendel-size steel machine in the minimalist space's rear. What does it do? Where did it come from? The Blue Bottle baristas have an answer, but it's chock-full of coffee jargon and deeply exhausting. It makes this coffee taste better, anyway, and now we need more of it.

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