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Best Pernil New York 2010 - El Nuevo Bohio

El Nuevo Bohio

El Nuevo Bohio

791 E. Tremont Ave.

Bronx, NY 10460


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If you pass by the storefront on busy East Tremont Avenue, you're sure to be drawn in by the window display featuring several giant garlic-and-parsley-stuffed pork roasts, with the burnished copper skin shining under the heat lamps. El Nuevo Bohio ("The New Barrio") is the Bronx's premier producer of pernil, a dish that originated in Cuba but is beloved of Dominicans and other Latin Caribbeans. A thin garlic sauce that burns the tongue with its potency is tendered alongside, with a handful of fried plantains and a bucket of polished white rice. Pig doesn't get any better than this.

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Herminio Quinteros
Herminio Quinteros

A bohio is a hut in which the native inhabitants of the Caribbean lived.